“Lord Francesco Riviera has never had a son and therefore lacks an heir. To remedy this situation, he is actively seeking a husband for his daughter, the beautiful Lady Francesca Corso. The lucky man to marry the Lady will inherit all of House Riviera, as well as Lord Riviera’s seat on the Council.”

“All members of the Black Company leave behind their previous names, taking on a moniker. This moniker is often short, typically more a nickname than a real name. The current leader of the Black Company is known as The Captain.”

“Lord Arthur Clennam, Economic Counselor of the Coalition, is secretly tied up with a criminal group called the Stormcrows.

“It is said that there is a tower in the east, near the edge of the Dead Wastes, that regularly releases great bolts of lightning. The areas around the tower are scorched and dead, and only the brave and foolish ever dare to approach it.”

“The Black Company has won all of their engagements due to the fact that each and every member is a powerful wizard.”

“The reason that Lord William Bones is rarely seen in daylight is because he was turned into a vampire over a century ago. He keeps his youth by draining the life from citizens abducted off the streets.”

“The Dead Wastes are slowly spreading.”

“House Rigaud finances a group of fanatical assassins who remove any who dare speak out against Lord Leon Rigaud.”

“Many of the Black Company’s assignments have been in the city of Charm, though nobody has any idea what those assignments were.”

“The reason Freehold has been allowed to survive is because House Corso and the Coalition military are secretly working with them to take down the Coalition from inside.”

“Last year the Black Company were putting down riots in Beryl for the city’s Magister. Now the Magister is dead by their hand and the town is left to its fate. So much for their honor, eh? Still, someone must have paid them a lot to leave in the middle of a contract.”

“Lord William Bones is a necromancer. I mean — with a name like that? Come on, he’s got to be a necromancer!”

“The Dead Wastes are full of life.”

“Due to his advanced age, Lord William Bones can no longer access his magic. He is considering retirement, before his heir decides to retire him by force.”

“The spice must flow.”


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