The Coalition of Free States


The Council is the ruling body of the Coalition, comprised of five members. Each member oversees a different aspect of ruling the Coalition, and they meet frequently to discuss matters that concern the Coalition as a whole. Each member of the Council is drawn from one of the noble houses of the Coalition, generally the patriarch.

The current members of the Council are:
Lord William Bones, Counselor of the Arcane
Lord Leon Rigaud, Counselor of Intelligence
Lord Victor Corso, Military Counselor
Lord Arthur Clennam, Economic Counselor
Lord Francesco Riviera, Counselor of Technology


The House of Bones: Long regarded as the most powerful magical family in Coalition territory, no member of the House of Bones has ever lacked strong magical talent. This House has always governed the Khatovar University of the Arcane.

The current patriarch of the House of Bones is Lord William Bones, the strongest wizard ever known. He has ruled over his House, and the University, for over half a century. Additionally, he holds great political power, as he sits on the Council of the Coalition.

The House of Bones is located in Khatovar.

House Rigaud: A secretive and ancient House that can be traced back to France, House Rigaud has always worked from the shadows to maintain order and their power over the populace. They are now one of the ruling houses of the Coalition.

The current patriarch of House Rigaud is Lord Leon Rigaud. Not much is known about him, except that he is a current counselor of the Coalition government.

House Rigaud is located in Khatovar.

House Corso:

House Clennam:

House Riviera:

The Coalition of Free States

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